Anemia among hemodialysis patients; an updated mini-review

Mohammad Amin Nasouti, Shahla Ahmadi Halili, Zarrin Beladi Mousavi, Aref Nasouti, Mohammad Reza Tamadon


Anemia is common in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and has linear relationship with the rate of mortality in CKD patients. There is an increasing proportion of CKD patients and anemia is one of the major complications of this disease which is difficult to manage. In fact, anemia and the factors which hinder the treatment of anemia can be managed by using new hemodialysis (HD) methods such as online hemodiafiltration.


Core tip ; Anemia is one of the common complications of patients with
end-stage renal disease who are in need of hemodialysis.
An appropriate hemodialysis may decrease the resistance to
erythropoietin in such patients.


Citation: Nasouti MA, Ahmadi Halili S, Beladi Mousavi Z, Nasouti A, Tamadon MR. Anemia among hemodialysis patients; an updated mini-review. Ann Res Dial. 2017; 2(1):e03.


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